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JYC boasts a team of independent and highly skilled construction professionals who are backed by commercial insurance of up to 10 million and construction engineering insurance, ensuring the safety and civility of all construction projects. Our team is able to effectively manage project progress and quality throughout the entire construction process through the use of an advanced management system and software support.

In addition to our experienced construction team, JYC also operates its own woodworking and ironworks factories, as well as maintains a 15-year partnership with local large-scale building material and construction product manufacturers. This allows us to ensure the highest level of quality while keeping costs rationalized for property owners and effectively controlling budgets.


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Commercial Construction Services

Restaurant Design

Chain restaurants, branded eateries, cafes, dessert shops, milk tea shops/beverage shops, bars, etc.

Commercial Space Design

Streetwear shops, clothing stores, concept stores, bookstores, experiential stores/pop-up shops, medical aesthetic clinics, beauty salons and hair salons, etc.

Corporate Space Design

Corporate offices, corporate exhibition halls, central kitchens, distribution centers, warehouse buildings, etc.

Hotel and Airbnb Design

Boutique hotels, Airbnb/vacation rentals, themed hotels, youth hostels, etc.

Commercial Listing

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Leslie/Davis Japanese restaurant with 26 years
Leslie/Davis Japanese restaurant with 26 years
Hwy 7/ McCowan Markville Mall retail store
Hwy 7/ McCowan Markville Mall retail store
Downtown UOFT foodcourt
Downtown UOFT foodcourt
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