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Our Mission & Value

Combining space layout, budget control, and soft furnishing coordination, the professional designers at JYC will provide you with the most comprehensive design plan. We will also guide on-site during the construction process based on the design plan, ensuring the project is completed with the expected design results.

With meeting customers' personalized needs as our core value, we aim to maximize the use of limited space, integrate functional aesthetics into every detail, and create the most rational and humane layout. At JYC, we also specialize in developing design visualization and construction drawings. With more than 10 years of experience in applying for government approvals and permits, we have laid a solid foundation to ensure the perfect implementation of our designs.

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Interior Design Advantages

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Scientific Layout

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Functional Aesthetics

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Customized Styles

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Material Selection

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Plumbing and Electrical Planning

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Soft Furnishing Coordination

Commercial Space Design

Understanding the brand's business model and consumer preferences and needs, and providing customized and efficient design services that meet a variety of demands.

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Residential Construction

JYC customize home environments to fit each customer's lifestyle and design preferences with space planning, lighting and color coordination, and furniture and decorative arrangement.

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Construction Drawings

Construction drawings are professional blueprints that guide construction. We create feasible and complete drawings by refining design details, optimizing construction methods, and selecting materials. Construction drawing detailing involves revising some parts of the original design based on the actual construction site conditions without affecting the original design effect. A professional construction drawing is a vital tool to ensure the smooth implementation of a renovation project. However, the drawing process is complicated and requires an experienced designer proficient in construction technology.

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