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Why Do Renovation Quotes Differ So Drastically? 5 Things You Need to Know

by JYC

Hello homeowners, have you ever wondered why renovation quotes differ so drastically? Or, to put it another way, are you clear about what you need? There is fierce competition in the current renovation market, characterized by cheap prices and vicious competition. It is easy to become confused due to the enormous amount of information, even with media such as Red to help. Besides, individual perspectives are always limited, and past consumption habits can easily mislead the owner. Flavored price comparison without full knowledge of the decoration industry, extremely easy to pay in the process of decoration or after the end of the bitter fruit of the loss. To avoid renovation obstacles and install your new home with peace of mind, JY Construction shares 5 points with you today.

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1. Selection and application of materials

The category and level of materials affect the price of renovations. For example, high-end renovations may utilize more durable, environmentally friendly, and aesthetic materials, which are usually more expensive. The same porcelain tiles come in different brand grades and qualities depending on the homeowner's needs: the cheaper ones are only a dozen dollars; the more expensive ones are hundreds or even thousands. At first glance, it may seem affordable to simplify the renovation process and use cheaper materials. This, however, often compromises the renovation's quality and longevity. Homeowners can save money in the short term by choosing inexpensive materials but pay a high price in the long run through high repair bills. Fading, wear and tear, and other problems may occur with inexpensive materials over time. As a result, the homeowner faces not only higher repair bills, but also significant time costs. It takes a lot of time and energy to renegotiate a contract, find a reliable developer, and select replacement materials. This "money-saving" approach doesn't save homeowners money in the long run, but rather increases their burden. In the quotation stage, the owner can still get a relatively accurate figure if all the variables have become quantifiable.

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2. Expertise and professionalism

The level of professionalism varies from company to company, and the renovation standards and regulations in different regions can cause the price of renovation to fluctuate, for example, the renovation standards and regulations in the Toronto region are different from those in Vancouver. The standards and regulations will be strictly followed by a formal renovation team, while an informal team may ignore them, resulting in substandard work. Renovations conducted by informal teams often ignore government requirements, such as jumping refrigerator outlets to create one outlet instead of pulling a separate wire from the electrical box to do so. The homeowner may suffer great inconvenience as a result of frequent socket trips. An informal remodeling team may have relatively low starting costs, but there are a lot of hidden costs that are ignored or omitted. It turns out that the informal renovation team's quote does not actually offer a significant price advantage after all. Their laxity in professionalism or responsibility is partly to blame for this small price difference. Whenever it comes to electrical layout renovations such as this one, JY Construction does not make any compromises. To optimize the efficiency and quality of the construction process, our teams are equipped with experienced and professional electricians.

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3. Lack of consistency in renovation standards and approval

Renovation standards are constantly updated and improved as technology develops and the market changes. In order to ensure that the renovation is always at the forefront of the industry, a formal renovation team will continue to learn and master the latest renovation standards. If you choose a renovation company with a lower total price based on a comparison of prices, you may be deceived. As a way to attract customers, renovation companies intentionally offer low quotes, wait until after construction has begun, and then raise the price with a variety of excuses, such as the quality of the materials, the level of workmanship used, etc. This will result in a wildly unpredictable price if these are not clearly outlined in the contract at the later stage of the renovation. When the renovation project is implemented at an early stage of the renovation, the renovation cost will be lower, but sometimes the owners accept only to discover that part of the renovation is not done. In the past, JY construction has faced problems of poor project management for customers. Most of these problems are caused by a lack of understanding of building codes on the part of the former contractor. Due to their failure to obtain building permits as the renovation winds down, many projects are marked as "pending". This not only impacts the normal operation of the business, but also creates a huge risk for property transfer. Certainly, JY Construction can provide a solution to our clients if they encounter a similar situation, and we have extensive experience in dealing with project closure.

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4. Service quality

The importance of service when it comes to renovation cannot be overstated. Many small companies lack experience in general contracting, so they may not be able to provide the best service to their customers. JY Construction offers program consultation in the early stages, as well as maintenance in the later stages. A professional full designer can help customers prepare a reasonable design plan so they can get accurate quotes according to their own budget. Upon completion of the renovation, JY Construction will also offer a certain period of warranty services to customers and will be responsible for any problems that may arise during the renovation, which is usually not guaranteed by the informal construction team. Since June of this year, JY Construction has even launched a $10 million Canadian Dollar (CAD) commercial liability insurance, up from its original C$5 million. There are only a handful of renovation companies in Toronto or even in Canada that have a C$10 million commercial liability insurance policy. It suggests that JY Construction attaches significant importance to after-sales service for each and every renovation project. Many small companies, after winning a bid at a low price, choose to deal negatively with customer concerns regarding renovations. In comparison with smaller companies, JY Construction's quotes include warranty and other after-sales support, which is crucial for a large investment like a renovation. Our commitment to customer service and support will continue even after the renovation work is completed. Many of our customers trust and recommend JY Construction because of our commitment to them and our reliable after-sales service. Choosing JY Construction means not only choosing excellent construction quality, but also choosing comprehensive and meticulous service.

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5. Systematic and professional management

There is usually a set of perfect management systems in place in formal renovation companies. Commercial renovations involve numerous work segments, including water, electricity, HVAC, gas, sprinkler systems, fire alarms, fire extinguishing equipment, and weak electricity. To coordinate and ensure that all renovation aspects run smoothly, a management team with extensive experience is usually required. In spite of the higher management costs of a formal company, their well-established management system and experienced team can ensure the efficiency, quality, and safety of the renovation. Customers, for example, are most concerned with the progress and cost of renovations. Suppose a restaurant has set an opening date and planned promotional activities and publicity. If the schedule is delayed, economic losses and damage to the brand's image will result. With the help of a professional and systematic construction team, the project can be completed according to schedule, avoiding unnecessary rework and additional costs. After all, a day's delay can mean a day's loss of business and a high rent to pay. The restaurant's kitchen is another important aspect to consider. Fires or other safety incidents could occur if electrical wiring or gas lines are not properly constructed. Furthermore, it could cause serious damage to the safety of employees and customers as well as affect the normal operation of the restaurant. Quality formal renovation teams will not only ensure the safety of the remodeling process, but also ensure that the project will maintain high safety performance for many years to come. A professional renovation company has a system to meet customers' needs, which is why they prefer a formal renovation company.

JY Construction is a licensed local renovation company in Toronto, providing high-end customization and fine design services to our clients. We have more than 10 years of industry experience covering a wide range of areas such as residential homes, commercial stores and office spaces. Whether you need a consultation for a renovation quote or a personalized full renovation for your clients, JY Construction will be happy to serve you.

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Why Do Renovation Quotes Differ So Drastically? 5 Things You Need to Know

Hello homeowners, have you ever wondered why renovation quotes differ so drastically? Or, to put it another way, are you clear about what you need? There is fierce competition in the current renovation market, characterized...

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