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5 Tips For Your Next Commercial Leasing

by JYC

In the Canadian commercial leasing market, tenants and landlords typically spend a great deal of time negotiating contract terms and rents. Yet commercial leasing is also about infrastructure support and the far-reaching impact these facilities can have on the functionality and sustainability of a commercial store. JY Construction would like to share 5 Tips with you so that you can steer clear of unnecessary difficulties.

1. Water Supply Facilities: In operating a commercial store, especially in the food and beverage industry, the proper functioning of the water supply is the lifeline of the business. The water demand varies significantly from one type of commercial unit to another. With this in mind, let's delve further into the needs and considerations of water supply in different scenarios. Commercial units in plazas are often dug up and plumbed in. However, in high-rise buildings or commercial units with basements, the downpipe needs to be connected to a drain in the ceiling of the floor below. In this case, the cost of repairing the downstairs tenant's roof or common area must be considered. Suppose there is no corresponding drainpipe in the ceiling. In that case, consideration will need to be given to ceiling restoration to accommodate the pipe, which may even involve multiple units connecting through the wall. The slightest mishap can cost a high amount of time and money. JY Construction has extensive experience dealing with water supply facilities and provides customization services. In one project, our client wanted to add a hand-washing sink in a commercial office unit but the initial structure didn’t offer the water and sewage system. JY Construction provided the client with the renovation service of installing a perfect water supply, drainage, and water meter system based on the conditions of the building.

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2. Power supply: Stable power supply is another crucial factor in commercial operation. Since different types of commercial units may require different levels of power support, professional site assessment and consultation will make a huge difference. The size of the incoming power from the on-site switchgear or electrical box usually determines the power requirement of a commercial unit. Most rough terraces only have knife gates, so the power supply must be arranged according to demand. For commercial premises that require powerful equipment or rooftop machinery, it is essential to confirm the adequacy of the power supply before signing the lease agreement to avoid additional costs later.

3. HVAC system: The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system (air conditioners, fresh air units, range hoods, and other equipment) system ensures the comfort and efficiency of commercial units. In plaza buildings, each commercial unit is usually equipped with a basic HVAC unit that meets the needs of a basic unit. If the system, as the core component of the air conditioning and ventilation system, fails to work correctly, it will affect the comfort and operation of the unit. Therefore, clients may consider adding clauses to their lease agreements that ensure the HVAC system functions properly to minimize future repair costs and inconvenience.

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4. Fire safety: Fire safety in commercial stores not only enhances the safety of the public and employees, but its requirements also fall under the Ontario Fire Code and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Record keeping is critical when performing tests or corrective actions required by the Fire Code, such as

  • Annual inspections of smoke and CO alarms
  • Emergency lighting testing
  • Annual inspection of fire alarms
  • Annual inspection of automatic sprinkler systems
  • Annual inspection of portable fire extinguishers
  • Semi-annual inspection of commercial kitchen fire suppression systems

The resulting fire protection system for commercial establishments includes smoke and CO alarms, emergency lighting, fire alarms, portable fire extinguishers, automatic sprinkler systems and fire suppression systems. The sprinkler head coverage of a fire sprinkler system is usually planned according to the building structure. If structural changes are made within a commercial unit, such as adding rooms or adjusting ceiling heights, then sprinkler head locations and coverage may need to be adjusted. In some municipalities, it is even required that hydraulic calculations need to be performed, and JY Construction can provide customers with the relevant calculations when applying for permits. For special commercial premises, such as barbecue restaurants or commercial kitchens, a kitchen fire suppression system is required to ensure a quick response to a fire in case of an open flame.

5. Gas supply: Gas is normally used to supply rooftop and commercial kitchen units. If a kitchen is planned to be located within a commercial unit, the client must verify the size of the gas line. If the gas line capacity is insufficient, the customer may need to apply for a gas supply adjustment meter from the supplier (e.g. Embridge). Commercial gas meter upgrades usually involve a fee, and the procedure can take around 12 weeks.

JY Construction is a regular local licensed renovation company in Toronto, providing high-end full customization and satisfactory design services to our clients. We have over ten years of experience in the industry and have handled projects including but not limited to commercial stores, restaurants, office areas, boutique hotels, and more. If you need advice on store leasing or store renovation design, JY Construction will be happy to serve you. We will work closely with the relevant organizations to coordinate inspections and provide you with all-round assistant for your opening.

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