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Building Permits Application

Prepare application materials, provide consultation guidance
communicate with relevant institutions, and monitor the application process.

When the design involves modifying building structures, water, electricity, fire and other projects, or requires a change in zoning, government approval must be obtained.

JYC has more than 10 years of experience in applying for government permits. Our professional team will assist you in completing all application materials, provide guidance and help during the application process, and also liaise with local governments and relevant agencies to ensure a quick approval for your application. This will ensure that your project can proceed smoothly according to plan and lay a solid foundation for the perfect realization of the design.

What situations require obtaining a building permit?

For new constructions over 10 square meters or additional structures on your property, such as mobile homes.
Renovating, repairing or adding to a building.
Change the use of a building.
Excavate or construct foundations.
Constructing a seasonal building.
Undertake work related to installation, renovation, expansion or maintenance of on-site sewage treatment systems.

Three Steps to Apply for a Building Permit

  • Step 1

    You can consult with personnel from relevant departments in the city before submitting your application. They can provide more accurate information on what needs to be included in your application, such as drawings and plans, as well as whether you require any additional permits or approvals.

  • Step 2

    Ensure that all drawings, plans, and other documents required for the application are complete, and you may also need to pay certain fees.

  • Step 3

    Submit your application on the website of the municipal government or the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Please note that the building permit application is submitted to the municipal government, not the provincial government.

For further information regarding the application for a building permit, please refer to this article:

    匠垣建设 资讯封面图在安大略省进行装修的必备文件——建筑许可证

    All You Need to Know About Ontario Building Permits

    In Canada, before doing any renovations, you will need to receive a Building Permit following the Building Code outlined by the government, which can be a very time-consuming process. Choosing a professional, reliable commercial design and renovation team before starting the process can reduce the complexity of the entire process and give the business a great start.

    Created On: 2022-04-22