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Initial Consultation

All projects begin with a conversation. We will schedule a consultation to discuss what goals you want to achieve as well as your vision and budget. We will also go over the scope of work that needs to be done. If you have some inspirational pictures that you’d like, please bring those to the meeting so that we can get a feel of your style.

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Design Services

With a clear vison and your brand inputs, now it’s time to get more creative. With our experience, expertise, and innovative ability, we will translate your story and culture into a design. We’re committed to create spaces that are functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing while meeting the specific needs of the client.

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Build Services

At JYC, we have a group of professionals and craftsmen that works diligently to transform a design into reality. Once the project begins, our construction team will do their best to finish up in a timely manner as well as keep the area clean and safe. We take pride in quality construction that is done right. Also, a project manager will oversee the whole process to ensure it is built according to your exact requirements.

Services Process

  • 匠垣 JYC 项目前期咨询 icon
    Initial Consultation
  • 匠垣 JYC 实地测量现场 icon
    Site Evaluation
  • 匠垣 JYC 明确设计风格 icon
    Concept Design
  • 匠垣 JYC 洽谈签订合同 icon
    Contract Administration
  • 匠垣 JYC 方案平面布局 icon
    Layout Planning
  • 匠垣 JYC 3D效果图绘制 icon
  • 匠垣 JYC 施工图绘制 icon
    Construction Drawings
  • 匠垣 JYC 饰面材料列表 icon
    Material Listing
  • 匠垣 JYC 市政批文申请 icon
    Permit Application
  • 匠垣 JYC 批文图纸绘制 icon
    Permit Documentation & Drawings
  • 匠垣 JYC 现场施工装修 icon
  • 匠垣 JYC 施工全程跟单 icon
    Project Management
  • 匠垣 JYC 施工竣工验收 icon
    Completion & Final Inspection
  • 匠垣 JYC 整体软装配饰 icon
    Decoration & Furnishing